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Saint Nicholas - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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VV033. Saint Nicholas

Central Greece
Circa 1700
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Saint Nicholas is shown in half-length dressed in the classical vestments of an Orthodox bishop. His right hand is raised in the classical gesture signifying oration, indicating the he is a teacher of the Church, while he holds a Gospel in his left hand. His eyes look sideways, suggesting deep contemplation, and he has a stern, authoritative countenance. He is standing within an arched column, perhaps representing a celestial shrine of the heavenly church.

The style of the current example suggests that it was painted in an icon-painting workshop in central Greece. The stern expression, wavy beard and bold brushstrokes delineating the facial features are typical of this period and region. A stylistically comparable icon of the Virgin Hodegetria, St Athanasios and St Stylianos from an 18th century central Greek workshop is now in the Demetrios Ekonomopoulos collection (fig. a). A comparison between the face of St Athanasios in this icon with our St Nicholas highlights the similarities (see details below).

Fig. a. Virgin Hodegetria, Sts Athanasios and Stylianos, Central Greece, 18th c. Demetrios Ekonomopoulos Collection, Thessaloniki

Fig. a. detail