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Buddha head - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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GG016. Buddha Head

Thailand, Lopburi
Late Khmer period, 15th/16th century
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Known as Lavo during most of its history, Lopburi province is an important city in the history of Thailand. In the 11th century it was influenced by the art and culture of India of the Dvaravati Period. Since that time Lavo was ruled by the Khmer and came under the influence of their art and culture, in the 15th to 16th centuries.

This very finely caste bronze head of Buddha displays the flat face and wide mouth indicating the art of the Khmer empire. By the 15th century that influence was waning, though Khmer kings ruled in Angkor for another two hundred years. Rivals such as the Lanna and Ayutthaya kingdoms of present day Thailand had become the powerful forces in the region. However, as this head testifies, artistic standards remained high. Thus this figure, with its cranial protuberance (ushnisha) signifying supernatural wisdom, and its calm inward look, entirely expresses an art that could convey the deep insights of meditation.

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