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Prophet Elijah - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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TT017. The Prophet Elijah

19th century
Copper-alloy with Four Colour Enamel
Panel: 14.4 cm x 12 cmClick here to convert metric size to imperial

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This metal icon depicts various scenes from the life of the Prophet Elijah as described in the Book of Kings. On the left Elijah sits in a cave by the river Cherith miraculously fed by a raven (I Kings XVII:3-6). In the centre we see Elijah dividing the river Jordan with his mantle, so he and his disciple Elisha can cross (II Kings II:7-8). Below Elijah is awakened by an angel (I Kings 19). The scene above shows Elijah departing the earth in a fiery chariot; Elisha stands beneath and stretches for Elijah's mantle that symbolically contains his spiritual power (II Kings 2). In the top left-hand corner is a celestial opening with Christ's hand blessing. As with many Russian metal objects, the border contains a decorative floral motif which may represent the Tree of Life.

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