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Virgin of Kazan with a Guardian Angel & St Basil the Great on the borders of the <em>riza</em> - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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UU031. Virgin of Kazan with a Guardian Angel & St Basil the Great on the borders of the riza

Mid 19th century
Tempera on wood. Overlaid with a brass riza.
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The Virgin of Kazan (‘Kazanskaya’) follows the famous prototype of the Virgin discovered on July 8, 1579, by Matrona, a young girl in the city of Kazan. The date corresponds to Ivan the Terrible’s capture of Kazan, the ancient capital of the Tatar Mongols. According to tradition the location of the image was revealed to her by the Mother of God. The original icon was kept in the Theotokos Monastery of Kazan built to commemorate the spot where it had been discovered. The icon, considered miraculous in the Orthodox tradition, was brought to Saint Petersburg by Peter the Great. It was carried by the army, led by Prince Dimitri Pozharski, which liberated Moscow from the Poles in 1612. The following year Mikhail Romanov was elected Tsar and the icon became the patroness of the Romanovs. His son Aleksei decreed a holiday to commemorate the appearance of the miraculous icon.

On the border of our icon we see a Guardian Angel dressed in white (left) and the patristic theologian St Basil the Great (right), one of the most important Church Fathers and author of the Divine Liturgy. The brass riza is decorated with intricate floral designs.

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