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Three Saints (with Virgin and Child) - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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UU040. Three Saints (with Virgin and Child)

19th century
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Provenance:  1. Temple Gallery

2. George Walker

George Walker was brought up in a pit village in West Cumberland but from an early age developed a passion for art and was a talented artist. He began a private collection in the 60's part of which was exhibited at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

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The central figure is a Metropolitan bishop, probably Leonti of Rostov. Either side are Zossima and Savati, who are clothed in monastic garments. Zossima founded the Solovki Monastery by the White Sea in Northern Russia. According to his hagiography, the exactly location of the monastery was where he 'had a vision of a magnificent church in the air; at the same time, the entire area appeared bathed in light.'[1] After this he and Saint Hermann 'set to work building cells and planting a garden'.[2] Savatti was a disciple of Zossima and also lived at the Solovki Monastery.

Above the main scene is a miniature image of the Virgin and Child in the Hodegetria typography

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