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Virgin Pyschosostria - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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VV006. Virgin and Child Psychosostria (saviour of souls)

with metal revetments
Greek Monastic work, possibly Mount Athos
Circa 1700
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This iconography is a variation of the classical Hodegetria type showing the Virgin holding the Christ-child. The Virgin directs the gaze of the viewer towards the body of Christ with her right hand and holds him in her left. Christ blesses the Virgin with his right hand and holds a scroll in his left. He is clothed in royal vestments, including a crown, showing that he is the Heavenly King. The icon is covered with a decoratively patterned metal riza.

A well-known Macedonian version of this subject can be seen in the Icon Gallery of Ohrid (fig. a).

Fig. a. Virgin and Child Psychosostria (saviour of souls), Macedonian, 15th century, Icon Gallery, Ohrid, Macedonia

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