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Virgin and Child - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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VV018. Anthony Gunin - Mother of God Hodegetria

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Anthony Gunin is a contemporary Russian icon-painter and priest working in the tradition of the well-known Prosopon school.[1] His icons, such as the one shown here of the Virgin Hodegetria, are painted with great skill and sensitivity. His use of the sfumato technique is particularly impressive and recalls the great masters of 15th-16th century Russia. His icons can also be compared to the work of modern iconographer Dmitri Andreyev (son of the founder of the Prosopon School, Vladislav Andreyev). For example, an icon by Andreyev of the Virgin and Child has some similarities with Gunin's style (see fig. a), including the intaglio decorated gold background. Yet there is something calmer, more muted and restrained about Gunin's approach.

Fig. a. Dmitri Andreyev, The Virgin Eleusa (Tenderness), 2013[2]

Below is a photograph of Father Antony Gunin with other clergy, including Metropolitan Agafangel, taken in America, where Gunin currently resides.

Left to right: Fr. Anthony Gunin, Dimitri Gontscharow, Abp. Andronik, Met. Agafangel, Eugene Vernikovskiy, B. Joseph, Fr. Gregory Williams, Fr. John Hinton, Fr. Gregory Kotlaroff, Fr. Nikita Grigoriev, Mother Agapia, Fr. Daniel Meschter, Tatiana Rusiecki, Fr. Andrew Frick, Fr. Vsevolod Dutikow, Dcn. Fr. Dmitriy Dobronravov.

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