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Deesis - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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VV024. Deesis

Circa 1700
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The iconography of Christ enthroned is one of the most important and well known in Eastern Christian art. Jesus is shown enthroned with a closed Gospel in his left hand, while his right hand blesses the viewer. His feet rest on a red cushion. The Mother of God (left) and St John the Baptist (right), stand either side of Christ with gestures signifying prayer, supplication and intercession on behalf of humanity.

The current icon is a good example of the post-Byzantine style of representing this classical subject. The iconographic approach of the painter is conservative; he draws on the great 15th century versions of the Deesis as models. He specifically uses Nicholas Ritzos' Deesis model from an icon now in Sarajevo (see fig. a).[1]

Fig. a. Nicholas Ritzos, Deesis, 15th century, Church of the Holy Archangels, Sarajevo, Bosnia

1. Ritzos' composition is itself a constellation of two works by the painter Angelos - one in the Canellopoulos Museum in Athens and one in Sinai. See Maria Vassilaki [ed.], The Hand of Angelos: An Icon Painter in Venetian Crete, (Farnham, Lund Humphries, 2010), p. 125

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