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Virgin Hodegitria and Saints - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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VV026. Mother of God Hodegetria with Two Saints (St Nicholas and St Andrew the Holy Apostle)

Central Greece
Circa 1700
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This icon is structured in two tiers. At the top, the Virgin is holding the Christ-child in the classical Hodegetria (She who shows the way) iconography. At the bottom we have St Nicholas (on the left) holding a gospel book in his left hand and blessing with his right. Next to St Nicholas on the right is St Andrew the Holy Apostle in a mirroring pose and also holding a gospel book. Icons in two tiers was popular in Greece in this period. Another two-tiered icon from the same period and with some stylistic similarities was previously exhibited at the Temple Gallery (fig. a).

Fig. a. Virgin and Child with Two Bishops and St George, Greece (central or northern),
18th c. Previously Temple Gallery. Now in a private Collection.[1]

1. Temple Gallery, Summer, 2012, cat. FF011.

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