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Solovki Deesis - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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VV028. Solovki Deesis

Circa 1800
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The Greek word Deesis means prayer or intercession. In Orthodox art it shows the Mother of God and St John the Baptist facing inward towards Christ Pantocrator ("Ruler of All") enthroned. With their hands raised in prayer they intercede on behalf of humanity at the Throne of Judgement. The "Extended Deesis", found on the iconostasis, has twelve further figures, usually in paired opposites, among whom are the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, Saints Peter and Paul, the warriors George and Dimitri and sometimes saints for whom there is a local cult.

The origin of the variant known as the Solovki Deesis is associated with the famous Transfiguration Monastery on the island of Solovki, by the shores of the White Sea. Its 15th century founders, Saints Zossima and Savvati, are shown kneeling at the feet of the Saviour.

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