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Christ Pantocrator - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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WW002. Christ Pantocrator

Mid 16th century
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Provenance:  Private collection, Germany

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Christ sits on the throne of glory in heaven. He is wearing a dark himation with gold highlights and a red chiton. His right hand is raised in a gesture of oration, or teaching, while his left hand holds a closed Gospel. His eyes are downcast imparting a solemn expression and a sense that he is in a state of deep contemplation. His feet rest upon a footstall.

The iconography of Christ enthroned in glory is one of the most important and well known in Eastern Christian art. A key theme of this image is to show that Christ is the embodiment of divine glory - indicated by the gold rays of light (striations) across his himation - and can be connected to Saint John the Evangelist's idea that Jesus manifests the glory of the Father (e.g. John 14:5-14).

Our version is a beautiful example from the post-Byzantine period. The small size indicates that it was created for private prayer. The style and the excellent craftsmanship of the panel suggest that it was created in mid-16th century Greece. It has deep tones mixed with a warm luminosity that imparts a meditative atmosphere. This is especially noticeable in the face of Christ, which has a deeply mysterious quality. Two other examples of the same or similar subject from this period - one from the well-known D. Ekonomopoulos Collection in Thessaloniki - have clear parallels with our icon (see fig's a and b).

Fig. a. Deesis, Greek, Mid-16th c. published in Peter Mikliss de Dolega, Ikone und Mysterium, (Koln, Freundkreiss St Panteleon, 1996), p. 45

Fig. b. Deesis, Greek, 16th c. The D. Ekonomopoulos Collection, Thessaloniki, Greece

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