Temple Gallery

Established 1959

Saint Nicholas - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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WW030. Saint Nicholas the Wonder-worker

18th century (with 19th century restoration in the lower-half of the panel)
On the reverse exhibition label: 'Kasteel de Wejenberg'
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Saint Nicholas is shown in half-length, wearing the classical vestments of a bishop. His right hand is raised in an ancient gesture signifying oration (or teaching), while he is holding a closed Gospel in his left hand. His eyes gaze to his right. Two roundels - containing Christ on the left (blessing Nicholas) and the Mother of God on the right (presenting Nicholas with an omphorion) - surround Nicholas on either side of the Saint's shoulders. Christ in the roundel is the object of Nicholas' gaze.

Even though this is a classical iconographic design associated with icons of Saint Nicholas, the 18th century artist of the current version has developed this design with a powerful intensity, imparting a concentrated, hypnotic atmosphere to the object. This geometric feature is complemented by a warm, luminous glow that radiates from the face of St Nicholas.

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