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Saint Spyridon - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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WW036. Saint Spyridon

Russian, Kholui
19th century
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Saint Spyridon is shown in half-length. His eyes gaze towards his right where, in a small sphere, is a miniature image of Christ. His right hand is raised in the classical gesture signifying oration (or teaching), while his left hand holds an open Gospel. He is wearing priestly vestments and a bishop's mitre. He has a medium length grey beard.

Saint Spyridon is one the great saints of the early Church (270-348). His origins were on Cyprus. He was a shepherd and is traditionally depicted wearing the beehive shepherd's hat of antiquity, although in our icon he is wearing a bishop's mitre signifying his role as Bishop of Trimythous in Cyprus. In 325 he attended the First Ecumenical Council in Nicaea. In icons of this highly significant event St Spyridon is depicted with other fathers of the Church who were known to attend.

For information on the Kholui region and its icon-painting tradition, see cat. no. WW017 in this exhibition.

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