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Established 1959

Saint George and the Dragon - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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XX022. Saint George and the Dragon

Mid 19th century
30.4 x 26.1 cmClick here to convert metric size to imperial

Provenance:  Temple Gallery Summer 2007, No. 43

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One of the most popular iconographies, this icon portrays the legend of the warrior Saint George who saved Elisaba, the daughter of the pagan King of Selena in Libya. She had been chosen by lot as the ransom demanded by the dragon that had cut off the town’s water supply. Saint George is dressed in armour and mounted on a charger. With a steadfast movement he thrusts his spear through the mouth of the dragon. On the right we see Elisaba watching the event. Above Elisaba we see her parents, the King and Queen, looking out from the windows of the royal palace.