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Pilgrim Token with Monogram - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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YY025. Lead Seal with Monogram

6th-7th Century
Diameter 2.6 cmClick here to convert metric size to imperial

Provenance:  TimeLine auctions, London

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We are grateful to Jeffrey Spier who writes ‘The lead seal is a typical one of the 6th-7th century.  The cruciform monogram reads (in Greek) "Sergiou", of Sergios, and "hypato", the Byzantine office of consul. The other side is a typical invocation, theotoke boethei as a monogram ("Mother of God, help") and, in full, to doulo sou, "your servant". It's a very common type, although a very nice example. There are many publications of lead seals, the most beautiful and thorough being the multi-volume one by George Zacos, which may well have a duplicate of this.’