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Blessing Cross with the Crucifixion - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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YY021. Carved Cross

Attributed to Giorgios Lascaris
Circa 1550
Boxwood, height: 23.6 cm

Provenance:  private collection, London

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Some forty crosses by, or attributed to, Giorgios Lascaris exist of which fifteen are dated. (A few are signed: Kölliken 1551, Berlin 1566, Cyprus 1566, Moscow 1567, Vaduz 1569, London 1581). There is no known biographical information about Lascaris. The dated works span from 1538 -1583.[1]

Some notable examples are

Cagnola Collection, Vaduz Diocesan Museum Feltre, Italy (1542) Switzerland (1583) Diocesan Museum Feltre, Italy (1542)

Sant’Oreste Rome, Palazzo Caccia (1546) Metropolitan Museum, New York(L.2004.29)

Kykkos Monastery Nicosia, Cyprus

For further discussion on a similar cross see Temple Gallery Exhibition Icons and Byzantine Objects 2014, No. MM034

The twenty-two miniature scenes in the upper part of our cross are taken from the New Testament and Apocrypha and depicted mainly according to the Byzantine iconography though some display western influences. Among them we see, recto, in descending order: the Annunciation, the Nativity, the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, the Entry into Jerusalem and on the arms of the cross are the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple and the Baptism. Verso we see the Transfiguration, The Crucifixion, the Deposition, and the Harrowing of Hell and on the arm the Myrrh-Bearing Women.

On the right-hand side are the Flight into Egypt, the Empty Tomb, the Ascension and on the left ‘Noli Mi Tangere’, the Raising of Lazarus.

The base is three tiered and diminishes in size as it rises. In the upper tier we see Christ the Man of Sorrows, Apostles and the Resurrection from the Tomb. In the middle tier are Christ Before Pilate, Christ Before the High Priest, the Scourging, Christ Carrying the Cross, the Cross of Golgotha, Roman Soldiers and the Seamless Robe, on the lower level we see the Agony in the Garden, the Kiss of Judas, Joseph of Arimathea Asking for the Body of Christ, the Last Supper, Christ Washing the Feet of the Apostles and the Eucharist.

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