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Pilgrim token with Stylite Saint - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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YY024. Pilgrim Token with Saint Symeon the Stylite

Baked Clay, 6th-7th century
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We are grateful to Jeffery Spier who writes ‘[This] is a token with the image of Symeon Stylites (d. AD 459), crowned by angels. These existed in large numbers, evidently sold to pilgrims at his shrine at the Miraculous Mountain in Syria. Usually there are palm prints on the back, since the clay was held in the maker's hand and stamped. Occasionally there are inscriptions naming the saint or saying "eulogia" in Greek (blessing). They date from the 6th-7th centuries.’

Similar tokens made of bronze can be seen in the British Museum (Fig. 1.) Dumbarton oaks in Washington DC (Fig. 2)

Fig. 1. British Museum Fig. 2. Dumbarton Oaks

For an overview on the Stylite Saints of Syria and the mementos made for pilgrims see