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Established 1959

Saint Parascevi - Pyatnitsa - exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons

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HH033. Saint Paraskevi Pyatnitsa

Circa 1700
With silver gilt enamelled oklad (revetment) made in 1911
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A brass plate on the back of the panel has this inscription

In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 1911 in the month of October
this silver riza was laid in the Kuzherchy Church  
on the icon of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa (Friday)
by the servant of God Nikolai 
let the Reverend Priest pray for his sinful soul after his death

Her full religious title is 'Paraskevi of Ikonium, Great Martyr.' Her feast day is 28th October and she is primarily venerated in Russia, especially in Novgorod. No certain historical facts about her are known and, according to the Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium, the origins of her cult are obscure. The name, in both Russian and Greek means Friday.

By tradition she is the patron of women and of markets and trade. (In Russia Friday was market day). Theologians suppose her to have been martyred during the persecutions of the Emperor Diocletian (304-305) for her fearless preaching of the Christian gospel. Legend tells us that, when arrested and asked her name, she would only give that of Christ: 'it is necessary to give first the name of eternal life and only then the name of temporary existence'.
The inscription on the scroll reads: 'I believe in one God the Father Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth'.

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