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Established 1959


AZ21. Christ Enthroned
Russian, Murom School, 18th century
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No. 21. Detail

No. 21. Detail

Murom is a Russian city, mentioned in the ancient chronicles and situated on the Oka River three-hundred kilometres east of Moscow. Our icon shares features such as the unusual range of colours with an interesting icon showing Murom and historical Saints associated with the City in the Rublev Museum in Moscow1 (Fig. 1). We note the pale blue-green background, the muted tones and the stylistic influence of the Moscow Armoury School.

Christ, wearing a green himation over a pink chiton is on a high-backed architecturally conceived throne with flames on the finials of the posts. He is seated on red and green cushions and his feet rest on a footstool with a red rug. The raised hand in blessing, the open book and the gaze, both stern and compassionate, conform to the classic image of the Pantocrator. The icon is grandly conceived in the Byzantine manner but painted in the muted tones and limited palette of the Murom locality. Travellers in the Russian countryside, especially in the autumn season, will be familiar with such colours.

Fig. 1. City of Murom and Saints, 17th century. Rublev Museum, Moscow

Fig. 2. Back of panel


  1. See Interestingly, that icon is not reproduced in Sukhova et al. Murom Icons, Severny Palomnik, 2016 where other comparative material can be observed. [return]